Training Modules

Global Learning and Education

A set of modules designed to support students' preparedness for cross-cultural ethical and critical global engagement. A particular emphasis is placed on advancing learners’ abilities to identify, reflect upon, and navigate differences in context-specific norms and values. Sections include Critical and ethical global engagement, Foundations for Intercultural Competence and Global Engagement and Gender Norms and Sexual Violence.

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Unconcious Bias

This 10 minute introductory module is only one step in the journey to becoming more aware of unconscious bias. Once you have completed it, access the suggested resources, have discussions in your units about unconscious bias, and when you are ready for in-depth training, reach out to Equity & Human Rights Services.

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Tri-Council Research Ethics Training

The online tutorial TCPS 2: CORE (Course on Research Ethics) is an open-access introduction to the 2nd edition of the Canadian Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (TCPS 2). Requiring 3-6 hrs of time, it is organized in eight modules and provides the opportunity for learners to (re)familiarize themselves in French or English with research ethics guidance as outlined in the TCPS 2. This is a research ethics training directed to all researchers, regardless of discipline.

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Research in global health emergencies: Ethical issues

Addressing global health emergencies requires robust systems that can quickly detect and respond to emergencies. Health research is critical in generating evidence of proven approaches and developing and improving response systems. During emergencies accelerating health research is imperative for the research community. However, it is crucial to ensure that researchers do this within the parameters of ethical consideration. This course explores core ethical issues in conducting health research during global emergencies and considers issues of fair collaboration, and duties of care to frontline health workers.

Global Health Emergency Certificate

Health Research Training at Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Training resources selected by the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) to help develop research skills. Includes a Global Health Research Training Module, training on sex and gender considerations in research, training on research involving First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Peoples of Canada, the TCPS2 tutorial course on research ethics, ethics in research: a science lifecycle approach, Bias in Peer Review Training Module, and a CIHR Research Data Management learning module.

Health Research Training at CIHR

Global Health eLearning Center

USAID’s Bureau of Global Health has developed this website to provide expertly curated courses aimed at increasing your knowledge in a variety of global health technical areas. There are 90 courses available, as well as certificate programs that group together several courses to be completed. Certificate programs include child survival, cross-cutting, early childhood development, family planning methods, family planning programming, gender and health, governance and health, health systems, impact evaluation of health communication programs, infectious diseases, maternal health, monitoring and evaluation, neonatal health, nutrition, organizational change and knowledge management, pharmaceutical systems strengthening, private sector approaches, and reproductive health issues.

Global Health eLearning

Global Health Training Centre

A set of training modules focused on specific topics in the fields of:

- Research processes & methods

- Social science, ethics & communities

- Infection, immunity & resistance

- Women & child health

- Laboratory, vectors, & diagnostics.

This website also provides access to webinars (i.e. workshops and seminars), and assistance with professional development, all in regard to various global health research topics. Developed by the Global Health Network in collaboration with respected partners such as the World Health Organization.

Global Health Training Centre

SDG Academy

Free online, graduate-level courses that have been curated by the world’s leading experts on sustainable development. Educational content covers a multitude of interdisciplinary topics related to the 17 sustainable development goals set out by members of the United Nations in 2015 (see video below for the 17 goals). If you want to help work towards accomplishing these goals, then SDG Academy likely has a course for you. Video: Do you know all 17 SDGs? 

SDG Academy


Agora is a free portal offering tailored learning solutions to UNICEF staff, partners, and supporters. Topics include various focus areas of global health, strategies based on UNICEF’s current strategic plan, leadership and management skills, software and operational support skills, communication and language training, support with career development, and public financing skills.



OpenWHO is the World Health Organization’s interactive, web-based, a knowledge-transfer platform offering online courses to improve the response to a variety of health emergencies. OpenWHO enables the Organization and its key partners to transfer life-saving knowledge to large numbers of frontline responders.


UN training Institute

The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) designs and delivers a variety of training courses on innovative solutions and approaches focused on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The institute offers courses in multiple languages, such as Spanish and French.

UN Institute for Training and Research