Critical and Ethical Global Engagement: A Sourcebook of Concepts, Reflections, and Activities

This idea for this sourcebook took root through a Western-funded Interdisciplinary Development Initiative (IDI) project: Health Equity in Context: Local Solutions to Global Problems. Over three years (2018-2021), Western-based faculty, faculty at the University of Rwanda and the University of Global Health Equity (Rwanda), as well as several graduate students and University staff met regularly to energize and troubleshoot discrete health equity research projects, but also to develop and share actionable recommendations and concrete strategies for conducting research, building international partnerships, and teaching about inequity in ways that disrupt rather than reinforce historical and ongoing inequities.

We would like to thank all the faculty, staff, and students at Western University, the University of Rwanda, and the University of Global Health Equity who pushed us to document our rationale and ideas in this collection. We would also like to thank Katie Butler, for sharing her talents in illustrating the sourcebook. Finally, thank you to Western University IDI initiative for its support of HEIDI (2018-2021).