Submission Guidelines

This blogspace is dedicated to fostering dialogue and reflection on a wide range of topics related to Global Health Equity. We encourage submissions that combine analysis with personal reflection. In this space, we welcome accounts of doing or thinking about global health work, short interviews, and reviews of global health equity-related resources. Sharing and archiving your GHE experiences or reflections on this blog is a great way to support Global Health Equity @ Western.

Suggested length​: 600-1,500 words

Exclusivity​: Blogs on this site are original and will not have been published elsewhere.

Additional guidelines

  • References should be limited to three or less in number
  • The topic or theme addressed should be clear to the reader and reflected in the title
  • Blog post titles should be short: 10 words or less
  • Blog post should include a 5 line description of the post
  • Blog post should include 3-5 keywords
  • Blogs should be accessible to a wide audience (limit technical jargon)

Please note that submitting a blog does not guarantee publication. All blog submissions will undergo a review process to ensure the content and tone align with the theme and spirit of the website.

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